Jonha Falls – Gautam Dhara, Water Falls around Ranchi

Johna Falls is around 40 km from Ranchi. One can reach Jonha Falls by road, one has to travel around 32 km on Ranchi-Purulia road. After that you can drive for another 4 km off the main road. . There is a train station about 1.5 km from the Falls location. You can travel by train as well.There is a Gautam Buddha temple nearby.The temple is part of a tourist rest house. Water in falls drop from about 141 ft (43 meters). You will have to step down around 500 steps to reach bottom of the falls.A fair is organized in Jonha Falls every Tuesday and Saturday.



Video of Jonha Falls Steps

Jonha Falls falling water


Jonha falls is an example of hanging valley falls. Peak season for visiting falls is in December and January. However, if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty, its better to not plan your trip in peak season.The Jonha falls is situated at Gunga River.

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