Raj Bhavan (Governor’s House), Ranchi is beautiful

Raj Bhavan (Governor’s House), Ranchi has been opened for general public from 31st January 2012 to 9th February 2012. We had a chance to visit it on 2nd February, 2012. Its simple magnificent. I wonder why such a beautiful place, which is maintained  by public money needs to be closed on other days. Image on left side is collage of pictures taken there.It was a sunny day with some wind, people were everywhere in opened area. There was a long queue of people waiting for their turn to enter as well. One has to wait for their turn and one person from each group is required to put his/her name, address and phone number on behalf of group. there are 60 staffs, Just to maintain the "park". You can find flowers and tree all around. It has more than 300 types of roses. All trees have a label which identify them. I also thought why our RajyaPal (Governor) needs to live in such a luxury! what you think?

In case, you are inclined to view these pictures and not just collage. You may do so by visiting Governor's House (RajyaPal Bhavan) Images.

Also, images can be seen as video (slideshow with background music) at YouTube.com

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